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How to: Floral Styling

The guide to artful arrangements 

Finishing a room with faux florals has always been one my interior design top tricks for effortlessly bringing that luxury, turnkey styled look to a space. Having fresh flowers in my home feels so special, but is always disappointingly fleeting! It’s simply unachievable to upkeep all-year-round, so beautiful-quality, seasonal faux florals have become my answer and stay perpetually in everlasting bloom. I’ve worked with one of my best friends, Kelly-  a very talented florist - to design a capsule collection of classic faux floral bouquets in different styles, varieties and proportions to use throughout your home.


Vase Selection

I designed two styles of vase to add onto your chosen florals. One is an opaque Opal glass vase- Eden- which hides your stems within. The other is a transparent bronzed glass vase- Baker- which allows you to curate a more detailed look by styling the inside with natural moss around your stems. You can use floral oasis blocks to give the stems some structure and secure their position before delicately placing living moss inside to disguise them. Both vases are handblown by glassblowers in England and are equally stunning, but deliver two different looks, one more clean and minimalist, one more natural and intricate. Our handblown Phoenix vases also hold bouquets beautifully, bringing an organically curved, sculptural feel to the display. Whichever vase you select, just make sure it’s proportionally sized for the bouquet it will hold. We have made sure our add-on vases are all perfectly-sized and pre-selected to easily add to the correct sized florals, so you can’t go wrong.




Every bloom and stem in our faux floral bouquets are individually selected, then hand-arranged by Kelly- my best friend and professional florist- before being wrapped and sent out to you. So they can simply be placed into a vase without needing too much re-arranging. It’s nice to make the look uniquely your own, so you can also splay the stems and bend them to your liking. You’re not striving for perfection; you just want balance and proportion. I like a more relaxed, organic look, so embrace asymmetry by allowing some blooms to cascade or lean gently to each side. Create some depth and dimension in your arrangement by layering, arranging taller blooms towards the centre and shorter ones towards the edges. They require little upkeep, so once you’re happy with your arrangement just dust occasionally with a feather duster to keep dust at bay.



Set Different Scenes

To create drama and volume on an entryway table or a room with high-ceilings, choose from our selection of large blooms such as delphiniums, blossoms or Gladiolas splays. For coffee tables or kitchen island displays, select something more subtle from our medium sized hydrangeas, peonies or wild jasmine. And for bathrooms or smaller-sized bedsides, choose a bouquet such as the mini roses or white peony bouquet mini.



Most of all, just enjoy the process of styling, and let your arrangement reflect the style of your home. My faux floral collection has been meticulously designed to look, feel and splay as naturally as real flowers, but have been made to enjoy all year round, and to last forever.


With love,

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