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A journey into the Art of Glassblowing

I am so proud to be able to work with skilled British glassblowers to create our beautiful range of Phoenix glassware. Having my glass designs handblown locally and collaborating with talented artisans here in the UK was really important to me. Watching craftspeople bring my glass designs to life in the workshop is so exciting, and I had the pleasure of visiting recently.

In many ways, watching glass being hand blown is like stepping back in time, witnessing an an age-old craft being kept alive in its truest form. The traditional ways of working are still very much evident, with artisans mouth blowing the molten glass into striking organic shapes and designs.


What sets traditional glassblowing apart, is the profound connection between the artist and the material, requiring not only technical expertise but also an intuitive understanding of the glass’s behaviour under different conditions.

I love watching the skilled glass artisans nimbly flip and shape the molten glass with extraordinary speed and skill. They intuitively grasp the precise movements, having an incredible ability to transform glass into stunning and functional creations I could only dream of doing myself!

The glass used by our glassblowers comes from recycled glass waste, which was incredibly important to me. The recycling process starts with the collection of waste glass and the different colours of glass are sorted into piles, washed to remove any impurities, and finally crushed and melted down. The molten glass forms the base to bring life to new products from old waste glass.

One of my favourite techniques is the creation of molten air bubbles trapped within the glass. I think this is creates a fascinating movement within the glass and gives the piece such unique characteristic and allure. Our Phoenix paperweight in bubbled champagne has been made in this way and its bubbles catch the light so beautifully when placed on a sunny coffee table or desk.


Traditional glass making techniques are very much kept alive in the creation of our glassware. The organic shapes found among our pieces clearly illustrate this mouth-blown handmade process and I find watching the raw materials transformed into stunning works of art so special.



The passion, dedication and intricate craftsmanship that goes into every single item really is astonishing, and our hope is that these pieces remain as enduring and special to you as they are to the artisans who breathe life into them.

In cherishing them, we preserve not only their physical beauty but also the stories and traditions that make them truly extraordinary, ensuring that the art of glassblowing continues to enchant generations to come.

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