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How to: Coffee Table Styling


The Curated Coffee Table

The key to styling a coffee table is in choosing pieces which speak to your personal tastes, while sitting harmoniously together. Curating the right styling pieces to layer your look will help you to achieve effortless, yet perfectly-balanced styling. A coffee table surface is an opportunity to showcase your unique styles and tastes, so let your coffee table tell a story of curated beauty, where every element has a purpose and every detail contributes to the overall narrative of your home.

Step 1. Proportions

Start by looking at the proportions you’re working with. Work by dividing up the table into sections and create a set of focal points. This creates some points of interest without the space feeling too cluttered or busy.


Step 2. Colour Palette

I often begin with a carefully chosen colour palette. These hues set the tone for the entire space and create a sense of harmony and balance. Lean towards soft neutrals, deep, rich tones, or earthy palettes that complement your room's decor. These colours will serve as the backdrop for your coffee table styling, adding to the inviting ambience.


Step 3: Anchoring

A general rule I always apply to coffee table styling is to begin with a large tray to ground smaller styling items on a strong base. Then begin layering with the next largest item, coffee table books. Curate a selection of volumes with visually striking covers or content that resonates with your interests to sit proudly on your coffee table.


Step 4. Layering Textures and Materials

Texture is the key to adding depth and interest to your coffee table. Incorporate different textures through glass paperweights, florals or incorporate some functional elegance in the form of decorative boxes to hide remotes or matches. You can experiment with materiality, such as brushed brass bookends or rich leather trinket trays to create a tactile experience. I like to create a relaxed, ‘lived-in’ coffee table look, so a splay of beautiful coasters is a great trick to give this impression. To add scent to the experience, top your stack of books with a scented candle or diffuser. The large, statement-making pieces anchor the display, while smaller items add detail and intricacy.



Step 5. Balance and Proportion

Symmetry and proportion are at the heart of my design philosophy. As you style your coffee table, aim for proportion in your arrangement. Play with heights and the perfect balance of asymmetry which help to give different levels for the eye to look at. Place objects in pairs or groups of threes for visual harmony, and so that no item looks lost or unintentional.


Step 6. Flowers & Greenery

A nice finishing touch is to add something living to the display. A bouquet of flowers placed in a stunning handblown glass vase can breathe life into your coffee table arrangement. Although it’s hard to maintain fresh flowers all year round, beautiful-quality faux florals can be the perfect solution. Select your favourite seasonal blooms - from medium Baby Hops & Snowball, Ranunculi, Peonies or Roses, among many more - from our faux floral range.



While creating an intentional and aesthetic coffee table is the aim, don’t feel the need to overcrowd or overthink it. Now just stand back and look at your styling from a distance, make sure everything feels balanced and proportionate from all angles of the room. Styling a coffee table is an art form that marries elegance and simplicity. But by utilising symmetry, texture and incorporating your personal tastes, you can create a coffee table display that not only reflects your style, but also adds beauty to your home.

With love,

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