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Behind Laura Hammett Living


One of my favourite parts of any interiors project is the final stage, where you get to style the space, adding final touches and breathing life into each room. We’ve joked with our contractors and tradesmen on site before that they put so many tedious months and often years into restoring and perfecting the craftsmanship and heritage of the building. Then we come in and install furnishings and styling, sometimes within a matter of days! Then the first thing the client usually says when they see the final space is “oh I absolutely love these cushions!” Every aspect of a design is so integral and important to getting the whole home right, but the styling and finishing touches truly are your initial impact of any room. Get this right, and you can elevate an entire space with styling alone.



However, this can also be the most challenging part, as designers we have to source a huge collection of styling pieces to layer a whole home with, but they need to feel like a seamless extension of the architecture and furnishings. This is where I often struggled to source pieces which mirrored our design style, and where the idea for starting Laura Hammett Living was born from. Over the years I really saw a gap in this industry for exquisitely designed, top-quality homewares, but at a very accessible level, available to all and not just trade and interior designers.



With Laura Hammett Living I have taken over 15 years of experience from working in the high end residential Interior design sector and translated everything I know into product design. Being in the services secor, it is so important for us to understand what our clients like, how they live, their pain-points and the practicalities they wish for in their family homes. So in a way, what I wanted my products to offer was obvious to me. I wanted to create beautiful, unique designs not like anything available on the market, crafted from the highest-quality materials, with practicality and durability at the core of the design. This is why I added little details such as soft suede bases on all products so they can be used on delicate surfaces, after learning first-hand that many high-end styling products can easily scratch and damage coffee tables or furniture finishes.



We have launched initially with a range of homeware accessories, including a collection of cushions in a selection of stunning patterned and plain designs, a range of handblown glassware, all blown in the UK, and hand-stitched leather desk accessories. I have worked really hard over the last year to design pieces that embody the Laura Hammett design approach, which mirror the aesthetic of the projects we’re known for, while also offering something that’s a little bit different to what is readily available to buy.

It has been important to create something truly authentic to the brand we’ve built, so it feels like a seamless extension of our projects, allowing people to add a little piece of LH design into their home. I also wanted to ensure the designs are timeless, so that you know you’re buying a piece you could keep in your home for a very long time. Additionally, the quality and craftmanship that has gone into these pieces is truly exceptional, so my hope is that they can be passed down for generations.


So much thought and attention has been given to each and every product. Each piece in the collection is unique, but designed to be styled harmoniously alongside other pieces. It’s in these details and considerations that I believe our experience in the industry has helped to perfect the design of Laura Hammett Living products.



Launching this brand means so much to me personally and sharing it with you all has been a pleasure. This year, we will be launching new collections, brand new designs and we have some really exciting plans in store for Laura Hammett Living which we can’t wait to share.

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