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Step Inside Our Swiss Lakehouse

Nestled in a small traditional Swiss town enveloped by mountains, our Swiss Lakehouse project is situated right on the lakefront, a picture of idyllic beauty. We collaborated closely with Swiss architects to design this 4,300 sq ft contemporary family residence right from the beginning. We tailored every aspect of the design, layout and spatial planning to seamlessly suit the lifestyle of  our clients, a family with four young children. From the flawless functionality of the architectural elements, to the fully bespoke furniture, every detail in this home has been considered. The result is a harmonious blend of sleek, contemporary aesthetics and a welcoming family-friendly ambiance.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality has always been at the forefront of our design ethos, and our strength lies in crafting spaces that are as practical as they are beautiful. In this family home, we meticulously integrated unique home solutions and state-of-the-art technology for modern family living.


From a pull-down guest bed in the home office to a hidden laundry chute dropping down into the utility room below, we created subtle conveniences throughout the entire house. A hidden kitchen door leads to a spacious walk-in pantry, bespoke marble covers hide sink drains which can easily be taken off and cleaned, additional storage is cleverly concealed behind artwork in the bathroom, and thoughtful additions such as a boiling water tap and mini sink in the breakfast pantry were integrated. Small yet significant touches such as pull-out kids’ bathroom sink steps and retractable laundry shelves beneath washing machines showcase our attention to both form and function.



The Swiss Lakehouse project embraced a more open-plan living concept, seamlessly intertwining family spaces to create a harmonious flow and connection. The living room, sunroom, dining room and kitchen were spread out out yet open, providing a sense of continuity throughout. To provide the option of separation, we added a beautiful sheer curtain between the dining room and sunroom to draw when a more intimate setting is desired. Central to this design was a contemporary open fire, which emerged as a captivating focal point, providing an intimate space where the entire family could gather and share moments together.



Introducing the home bar was a really fun addition to the living and entertainment area. It allowed us to add impact, infusing the space with both style and functionality. We opted for a touch of sophistication, using exquisite liquid metal satin brass to craft the luxurious cocktail station. Additionally, we designed some cleverly hidden pocket doors, ensuring that when the morning light arrives, the bar can seamlessly vanish, patiently waiting for its next moment in the spotlight.


In the heart of the home, the kitchen stands as a testament to exquisite design and thoughtful functionality. The space is carefully choreographed, revolving around a central island with carefully crafted, sleek marble-clad drawers. The exceptional Taj Mahal marble takes centre stage in this space, commanding attention and adding an air of understated elegance. The design intent in this room was to seamlessly marry the two principals of functionality and beauty.


In the principal bedroom, each detail was designed to create a sense of softness and tranquillity. A soothing colour palette and a delicately layered lighting scheme were carefully orchestrated to create a sense of atmosphere and luxuriousness.


The principal dressing room was layered with specialist finishes, unique details and clever storage. A haven of beautiful texture, faux leather and suede was used on the joinery to add an element of plush softness to contrast the harder glass and brushed brass finishes of the display cabinets. A beautifully seamless layered lighting scheme was added to each cabinet for the ultimate luxury dressing space.


Moving to the principal bathroom, we opted for a bold statement, incorporating a striking rough cut Quartzine for the stone wall behind the freestanding bathtub. This unique selection harmonised beautifully with the polished Quartzine Bianco marble used for the remaining space. The joinery was elegantly coated with a pearlised lacquer, while the metallic accents featured an exquisite antiqued burnished brass finish, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the overall design.



In the four children's bedrooms, striking a balance between consistency and individuality was a key consideration. Each room shares a comparable architectural layout, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic, yet tailored to cater to the unique tastes and passions of its young occupant. The joinery, storage solutions, and furniture were designed to be adaptable and stand the test of time, ensuring the rooms could grow with the children. However, while they’re still young, we injected a playful spirit into the design, splashing each room with delightful pop of colour and imaginative artwork and toys.


Working with our clients to bring their dream home to life was a truly rewarding experience. We designed spaces tailored for entertainment, relaxation, and the joyful growth of their young family, crafting an environment where cherished memories could flourish.



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